How to Write a Brief Software Development Project

A brief software development project is a documented detail of the purpose of the web development or any IT project. It aligns everyone’s goals during the process and gives everyone the chance to get involved in the project. The brief software development project will help the team determine the contents they agree and don’t agree on. 

Keep It Brief and Simple

This document will be used by both people who know the computer language and those who have very little idea about it. The brief must be laid out in simple generic terms and jargon must be defined. What’s important is that everyone will be able to comprehend what’s written in it and create a framework that everybody can follow. 

Introduce the Team Members

Everyone involved in the project must have a proper introduction along with their special skills and responsibilities. Also, if you have a foreign team member, make sure to have your brief in multiple languages.

  • Name
  • Role/Title
  • Project Responsibilities
  • Contact Information

Define The Project Using Problem And Solution

Being able to define the project by laying out the problem and solution, the team can quickly come up with ideas aligned to the problem and the goal. 


Problem: Our Client Hi Spec Ceiling Repairs reported that impatient online customers want instant answers to their instant questions such as “how long does ceiling repair take nowadays?

Solution: Embed an online chatbot.

Off Limits: The use of FB messenger or other technologies.

Define the Target Audience

The target audience is one of the most important factors when developing a website content or an application. The strategies used, tools, and features of the website or the application must be aligned to the wants and needs of the target audience. 

Outline The Functional And Technical Requirements

Outlining the function and the technical requirements will provide the team members with an overview of the functions of the project. 

  • How will the user access and use the software?
  • Where will the software run?
  • What are the security limitations?
  • How many users are expected at a given time?

Enumerate The Design Elements

It is also important to create a mood board for the design elements where you can feature the colour schemes you want to use, the graphic elements, and other elements that need to be included in the project. This way, the team members will have an overview of what the website would look like. 

Set The Budget And Deadlines

The budget and deadlines are equally crucial and this is when conditions get intense and difficult. Deciding on a budget can be a challenge while trying to balance the quality of the website you are building. The deadline is also another vital requirement to keep the team on track and prompt with their deadlines. 

The brief software development project serves as a framework for every application or web content project. It helps everybody on board with the project knowledgeable of what the project is about and its function while presenting elements on the project to help everybody understand its purpose so they can incorporate their skills and contributions aligned to the goals. 

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