Secure payment is crucial in this era of online shopping. For every e-commerce, safe payment methods must be implemented to ensure trust among customers. Businesses that executes payment methods that are easy, fast and secure tend to have more returning customers. Choosing the best platform is the key to keep your business in good shape. It is also important to choose one that compliments your daily operations and transactions.

Secure Payment Methods for E-Commerce Sites


Available in these e-Commerce Platforms:

PaymentCloud is one of the most secured payment channels online. Apart from delivering excellent security features, they also have fraud protection and chargeback protection. One of the best values of this payment channel is that they work with high-risk businesses. Thus they implemented fraud and chargeback protection. PaymentCloud does charge for setting up, cancellation, or processing fees. 


Square is an ideal platform for those who own a physical retail store and venturing into online selling. Square has a stellar POS system that integrates pristine with payment method solutions. Additionally, Square is not only a payment channel but also an e-Commerce site which gives you ease when building your own e-commerce site. Currently a lot of websites are switching to Square, just like Kokos – an expert wedding dress dry cleaning company

Square e-Commerce Partners


Helcim Pricing:

Helcim is a one-stop shop for those who want to venture into online selling. They have everything a businessman need when starting an e-commerce store. Pricing in Helcim is modified to your monthly sales volume and the price per transaction. However, Helcim is ideal only for small businesses but large enterprises won’t greatly benefit from what Helcim offers. 


Payoneer is an established payment channel but it sure still needs improvement. But if the legitimacy you want and other benefits that come along with this prominent platform, then Payoneer is a good option. Payoneer knows the cost of wire transfers and currency conversion, so they eliminated the pain of paying expensive transaction fees. Also, they set up a localised receiving accounts so their users can get paid in their preferred currency.  Payoneer is a good option with a little room for improvement. On the brighter note, they already have the software to resolve a few of the issues they have in their system and service. 

It is important to choose the best payment option for your business. The more you can modify your methods the better it is for your customers. So, these payment platforms are your best picks if you want both the function of ease of payment and excellent security.