Machinery mishaps are one of the major causes of injury in farming. So, whether you are an expert farmer or not, it is a responsible thing to do to follow safety protocols within the workplace or when operating machines. Accidents can possibly do harm not only to your but to other people around the area. 

The formula of safety in farming is when you have good working equipment that works pristinely, and an operator who is capable and attentive to his/her work. Distracted, exhausted, and unprepared farming equipment operator projects accidents waiting to happen. 

Farm Equipment Use Safety Tips

Thoroughly Read, Understand, and Comply With The Manual

Each piece of equipment has specific instructions in terms of use and safety handling. Keep in mind that even though you got the same brand as your old, new models may have quite a few modifications. Thus, it is best to read and comprehend the manual and comply with its proper safety guidelines. 

Follow State and Federal Laws

State and federal laws are implemented to ensure the safety of other civilians around a hazardous area or workplace. It is important for every farm to keep up with the latest safety protocols of the state to avoid fines and accidents. 

Keep Your Slow-Moving-Emblem (SMV) Clean, Visible, and Perfectly Mounted and Secured

This reminder is important to avoid rear-end collisions when you are transporting your products from one place to another. This will significantly save an innocent when on the road. 

Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

In a hazardous workplace, it is very important for every staff is armed with personal protective equipment. It will come in handy in cases of emergencies and also it will serve as their personal protection from debris and other hazardous elements around the workplace. Moreover, the PPE’s must be fully functional and comfortable for the person wearing it could freely move and perform his/her task accordingly. Check out for all you PPE related needs.

Don’t Work When Exhausted

As was mentioned, one of the causes of machinery accidents is an exhausted operator. When you are exhausted, you will be able to function well and you will substantially lose your focus. Additionally, you will not be able to respond to accidents as they occur since your alertness level is low. Thus, if you feel like you are in no condition to work, take a rest and go back when you are. 

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

An exhausted operator can barely move or operate, what more a drunk operator? It is a concrete example of an accident waiting to happen. Alcohol and operating farming equipment don’t mix. To ensure your safety and your fellow workers, never drink and operate a farming machine. 

Always Maintain Awareness

When you’re operating heavy huge equipment, it needs your undivided attention and 100% focus. There are a lot of possible hazards that can happen if you simply or accidentally tap or step on some level you are not supposed to. So, for your own safety and the safety of others, stay awake and be aware of your surroundings. 

Keep Children and Animals Away

Children and animals move unpredictably, when you’re operating farming equipment, make sure there are no animals or children around. They don’t understand the concept of danger yet and they need to be out of sight in places that can cause harm to them and to everyone around. 

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