Website building can be quite a dragging task if you don’t know where and how to start. Your website represents your brand online. It needs to exhibit the right graphics, colours, and content to align it with your brand identity. When building a website, there are tons of designs to choose from and it can be overwhelming. So, before you go bursting it with colours and patterns, structure your website that presents a clear message to your visitors. However, here are the first basic steps you need to do:

Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting

Your domain name is what you give to your audience if you want them to check your website. Before creating a website, the domain name and hosting are crucial so you acquire a legitimate website online. 

There are multitudes of varieties of websites that you can purchase a domain name and host. You can either buy both from the same website or buy them separately. Whatever suits your taste. 

Choose Your Website Builder

Your website builder or CMS is a tool you will need to construct your website. Without it, you will have to hire an IT professional to do it in the back-end kind of way. Since learning HTML languages and CSS are not something you comprehend overnight, WordPress will simply do the trick. 

A website builder was fabricated for beginners who knows nothing about programming and other complicated computer codes. Since WordPress is by far the easiest, most reliable, and by far the most popular, design your first website with WordPress – you can build an amazing website with this cms, just like this website about bespoke balustrades in Perth.

Design Your Site

The design is one of the most crucial factors that will give your brand either popularity or shame. The design must be planned thoroughly before embarking on adding some sections, contents, images, and video. Your design must be closely cohesive to the goal of your brand and your brand’s identity. WordPress has a lot of free templates to use that helps you create a website easier and faster. 

WordPress has selections of beautiful website templates that you can find when you click the Appearance menu on your Dashboard. From there, you can customise the theme you chose from colours, fonts, and sections. 

Write and Publish Your Content

Your website will remain in limbo without content. Content containing keywords and keyphrases are crucial so the Google bots will find you in the vast digital universe.  Your website content needs to relay facts and exude quality. Incorporate pictures and videos to give your readers extra entertainment. 


Test and Launch

Before launching your website, it is important to do a test run. Make sure that every button works and leads to the right page. It is also equally important that your website’s links work. Go through each page and see if there are some concerns that need remedy. 

Building a website need careful considerations for many things. It is vital to follow these steps to keep you on the right track before investing too much of your time building it without knowing the basics first.